Seafoam Narvik Nordic Birds Scandinavian Scandi Cushion Cover

Cushions can either make or break the sofa, armchair or bed they live on. If chosen thoughtfully, they can tie the whole room together and create an irresistibly inviting space. If neglected, your home could look a little tired and drab. 

Unfortunately, the wear and tear of everyday life is an inevitable, especially if you have children or pets and your home is well lived in. Over time, your once beautiful, youthful cushions may have grown old and worn. If so, it’s probably time to give them a refresh and inject some new season colours into your home.

Before disposing of your old cushions and purchasing entirely new ones, filling and all, consider an alternative. Buying cushions can be pricey, particularly if you’re a cushion hoarder like us. Instead, why not keep your old cushion pads and give them a facelift with some gorgeous new cushions covers.

Our cushion covers come in a standard size of 16” x 16” or 18” x 18” on our website, however, they can be made to order for any sized cushion thanks to our bespoke cushion service. There are a huge selection of fabrics to choose from, ranging from stag print cushion covers to scandi style. The hardest part is choosing the design!

You also have the choice of a cream cotton envelope back, or the same fabric on both sides with a concealed zip closure, so you can order the cushion cover that’s perfect for you.

Once you’ve received your cushion covers, simply remove your old ones and pop on the new ones. You might need to give them a quick once over with the iron just to remove the creases that can be made during transit. Once you've done this, your sofa, bed or armchair will now have a new lease of life with some stunning cushions that finish off the room beautifully.


Seasonal Cushions

Swapping out your cushion covers is great if you like to change home décor seasonally. Perhaps you want to add some deeper tones into your home for autumn, or maybe you want to add some festive touches to your home at Christmas time. Save yourself money and storage space by changing your cushion covers rather than your entire cushions to fit with the current season, it’s low cost and reduces waste!


To view our full range of cushion covers and home accessories, please visit us online. If you’re local, visit us in our Garstang homeware shop. Find us at 7 Thomas Weind, Garstang, PR3 1LL.
August 22, 2019 by Shirley Crane