For many, mirrors are placed in the most convenient place so that we can check our appearance before leaving the the house, however as a Garstang Interior specialist we want to let you in on a little secret… Mirrors are not just for checking our reflections, but instead can help change the whole layout and space of the room.

White Square Heart Mirror

White Square Heart Mirror £34

Add light and Space 

By placing the mirror adjacent to the window this allows the mirror to reflect the light back into the room, giving it a natural diffused lighting and creating a more spacious feel. This can take a room from dull and cold, to sleek and welcoming. By cleverly using the mirror to brighten the room, we can reduce the need for ceiling lights during the daytime. Studies have proven that natural lighten helps people to feel relaxed and reduces tension we hold in our bodies.  Alternatively adding a large full length floor mirror to a room where the sunlight can bounce and reflect will make an otherwise small room feel much larger than it actually is. 

Add Texture to the room 

By placing a 3D mirror on a wall we give an otherwise plain room a focal point, in turn adding a flawless and chic feel and look to the room with out having to break the bank. Alternatively, we can use the mirror to create a “three-dimension level” to the room. For example if you have chosen to use printed wallpaper on a feature wall with a clean white look on the others, by adding mirror on an opposing wall we can ensure the wallpaper isn’t lost, tying the room together.

White Distressed Heart Mirror Panel

White Distressed Heart Mirror Panel £45

Dress Up your Hallway 

By placing a larger full length mirror in your hallway directly opposite the entrance, you are allowing the natural light to brighten up the room when the door is opened.  The natural light from outside adds a classic and welcoming feel to the home. This is a trick may interior designers use to make homes feel more expensive!

Above the Mantel Piece

A classic for many homes, placing an eye-catching mirror above the creates a cosy, homely feel to your space.  When choosing the best mirror size for above your fireplace, a good rule to remember is the rule of thirds. Simply take the height of your mantel piece, double this and you are then left with the ideal height to hang your mirror. We recommend never to choose a mirror that is wider than the width of your mantel piece. 

In The Garden

Bear with us in this one, although it may feel weird to place a mirror outdoors, it is actually a clever trick to show of your beautiful garden off. This is particularly good if you have a small yard or a neighbours house at the end of your garden. The mirror will reflect the colour and your plants and flowers around the garden. By placing the mirror behind shrubs it can make your flowers and greenery appear fuller.  Adding a large mirror against a fence can add the allusion of a secret hideaway.

Why not check our section of sleek mirrors and see how you can use them to brighten up your home, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram (@harrisoncropperinteriors) to show how you have incorporated our mirrors into to your home.

June 09, 2020 by Lisa Crane