Sometimes a small gesture goes a long way. Gifts don’t have to be extravagant, bold, or expensive to show that special person how much they mean to you. At Harrison Cropper Gifts and Interiors, we believe it’s the thought that counts. A meaningful gift picked out for the personal message it conveys is priceless and will probably evoke the most emotion. When it comes to precious gifts like this, we can always rely on British brand East of India.

matchbox collection

Who are East of India?

East of India are one of our favourite small gift suppliers. Based in Folkestone, they produce seasonally inspired gifts made from natural materials such as ceramic and soy. They pride themselves in their sustainable approach to manufacturing, with their UK office and warehouse using solar panels to power over half the electricity needed to operate. Along with this, they have ongoing projects such as tree planting in Indonesia, where each tree used is immediately replanted with another. We’re so proud to support forward-thinking British businesses such as East of India, who make a positive impact on the economy and the environment.

East of India logo

Their trinket-style gifts are extremely popular in our Garstang gift shop. When our customers read the beautiful messages on these ceramics, they immediately think of a special person in their life. There doesn’t have to be an occasion for you to give an East of India gift to your friend, family member or loved one. These beautiful, sentimental pieces can be gifted just because. Perhaps you know someone going through a difficult time, or you simply want to show care. Thoughtful gifts like this could make their day, providing a moment of pure joy, so let’s give you some inspiration!

At just £3, our sentimental pebbles are a great way of showing your love and affection without breaking the bank. After giving a few of these thoughtful pebbles to friends and family, I can vouch for the power these tactile little pebbles hold. Perfect for accompanying a card, these sentimental pebbles feature all kinds of messages. Simple words and phrases such as ‘Be Yourself’, ‘Love You’, ‘Follow Your Dreams’ and ‘Thanks for Being Amazing’ adorn the front, while the back always features a small illustration. They’re so simple yet so effective and in my experience, have evoked a few tears!

be yourself

Be Yourself Sentimental Pebble

For something a little more substantial in size, try our East of India porcelain hearts. Hung from a piece of rustic twine, these white ceramic hearts are adorned with heart-warming messages and quotes. A few of my favourites include ‘A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the nicest things you can be’ and ‘It doesn’t matter where you are going, it’s who you have beside you’. If you have 10 minutes spare, I recommend reading each of the quotes on these hearts, they’re extremely touching and make me so emotional! At only £5, these hearts are a guilt-free way to send your love.

porcelain heart

A Friend Porcelain Heart

In a similar price bracket at £5.50 is East of India’s unusual matchbox collection. The matchbox collection features a range of small ceramic pieces, often in the shape of animals, houses and even an adorable angel. These miniature ornaments come in a rustic card matchbox, each with a different quote to the front. Examples include ‘Home is wherever I’m with you’, with a cat inside and ‘Every bunny needs some bunny’ with of course, a bunny inside. The animal themed pieces are perfect gifts for animal lovers.

matchbox bunny

Matchbox Bunny

For the brew drinkers out there, the East of India coasters make a beautiful gift. They feature similar quotes to the porcelain hearts, with a decorative vine illustration around it. I love the one that reads ‘Life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you home’. At £5.50, these porcelain coasters are a thoughtful gift for tea and coffee drinkers without breaking the bank.

porcelain coaster

Life Takes You Coaster

While East of India also offer beautiful gifts for occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and House Warmings, these are my top picks for gifts that don’t need an occasion. At £5.50 and under, you can’t go wrong! We’re constantly updating our East of India stock, to view our current offering please look online. Alternatively, visit our Garstang Gift shop to see the items up close and personal. They’re our pride and joy!

August 04, 2020 by Lisa Crane