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Striped Curtains

Striped Curtains

Discover our bespoke collection of luxury handmade curtains, made to fit your unique requirements and style. With these striped fabrics, simply choose your desired width, drop, lining and chain, as well as any additional requests, such as fringes and trims. We will provide the ultimate tailored look, all whilst ensuring light control, insulation and privacy. 

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Oxford Red Curtains
Oxford Red Curtains Sale price£79.00
Garda Stripe Ochre Curtains
Garda Stripe Ochre Curtains Sale price£78.00
Garda Stripe Cherry Curtains
Garda Stripe Cornflower Curtains
Garda Stripe Grape Curtains
Garda Stripe Grape Curtains Sale price£78.00
Garda Stripe Grey Curtains
Garda Stripe Grey Curtains Sale price£78.00
Garda Stripe Indigo Curtains
Troodos Blush Curtains
Troodos Blush Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Putty Curtains
Troodos Putty Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Pewter Curtains
Troodos Pewter Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Navy Curtains
Troodos Navy Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Mushroom Curtains
Troodos Mushroom Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Mauve Curtains
Troodos Mauve Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Bronze Curtains
Troodos Bronze Curtains Sale price£79.00
Troodos Silver Curtains
Troodos Silver Curtains Sale price£79.00
Manali Stripe Charcoal Curtains
Manali Stripe Cornflower Curtains
Manali Stripe Taupe Curtains
Manali Stripe Rosso Curtains
Alderton Damson/Heather Curtains
Alderton Denim Curtains
Alderton Denim Curtains Sale price£80.00
Alderton Mineral/Linen Curtains
Alderton Natural Curtains
Alderton Natural Curtains Sale price£80.00
Alderton Raspberry/Linen Curtains
Alderton Spice/Linen Curtains
Belvoir Blush/Damson Curtains
Belvoir Charcoal/Chartreuse Curtains
Belvoir Eau De Nil Curtains
Belvoir Eau De Nil Curtains Sale price£79.00
Belvoir Emerald/Blush Curtains
Belvoir Mineral/Denim Curtains
Anderson Charcoal Curtains
Anderson Charcoal Curtains Sale price£81.00
Anderson Linen Curtains
Anderson Linen Curtains Sale price£81.00
Anderson Midnight Curtains
Anderson Midnight Curtains Sale price£81.00
Bowmont Cranberry Curtains
Bowmont Cranberry Curtains Sale price£81.00
Bowmont Denim Curtains
Bowmont Denim Curtains Sale price£81.00
Haze Charcoal Curtains
Haze Charcoal Curtains Sale priceFrom £80.00
Haze Denim Curtains
Haze Denim Curtains Sale price£80.00
Haze Ivory Curtains
Haze Ivory Curtains Sale price£80.00
Haze Kingfisher Curtains
Haze Kingfisher Curtains Sale price£80.00
Haze Mocha Curtains
Haze Mocha Curtains Sale price£80.00
Haze Silver Curtains
Haze Silver Curtains Sale price£80.00
Belgravia Charcoal/Linen Curtains
Belgravia Denim/Linen Curtains
Belgravia Navy/Rouge Curtains
Belgravia Ochre/Charcoal Curtains
Belgravia Racing Green/Linen Curtains
Breton Blush Curtains
Breton Blush Curtains Sale price£80.00
Breton Chambray Curtains
Breton Chambray Curtains Sale price£80.00