Copper Forest Candleholders

Create a cosy, relaxed mood in your living room by adding some calming candlelight. Our beautiful copper candleholders with a black forest silhouette design will add a warm glow to any room. The forest design lends them to country homes with a rustic décor, whilst the simple black silhouette theme allows them to suit modern contemporary décor - suited to a townhouse style.

Light a group of the large, medium and small copper forest candle holders on a fireplace to create a warm cosy centrepiece in your living room. Or if you have a quiet corner to relax in why not just light a small tealight in the copper forest t-light holder to create a minimal amount of light yet a warming relaxing vibe to your décor.

This beautiful Candleholder range has something for everyone. Whether you prefer to burn multi-wick candles, church candles or tea lights you can enjoy this fabulous candleholder collection.

The versatility of the range means they’re an ideal gift for a friend who loves candles. We all know someone who always has candles burning when you visit their home. Perhaps you’ve gifted them every fragrance of candle and melt possible, and you’re wondering what could you possibly get this time? Well, these copper forest candle holders and tea light holders are perfect, quirky yet minimalistic, they are sure to be loved and well used in any home.


Small Copper Forest Candleholder - £11.00

Small Copper Forest Candleholder


Medium Copper Forest Candleholder - £29.00

 Medium Copper Forest Candleholder


Large Copper Forest Candleholder - £48.00

Large Copper Forest Candleholder


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August 01, 2019 by Shirley Crane