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Foliage & Greenery

Foliage & Greenery

Our foliage & greenery collection will add a natural texture and depth to your interior. From on-trend eucalyptus to ferns and pampas grass sprays, we offer a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit any space. Whether you're looking to create a statement centrepiece, fill an empty corner, or add a touch of greenery to your shelves or tabletops, our range of greenery will seamlessly bring the beauty of nature indoors.

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Hellebore Purple Stem 49cm
Natural Eucalyptus SprayNatural Eucalyptus Spray
Natural Eucalyptus Spray Sale price£7.95
Russet Autumnal Foliage Bouquet
Russet Foliage Bouquet
Russet Foliage Bouquet Sale price£8.50
Mini Daisy Leafy Branch 59cm
Mullberry Fruit Leafy Branch 65cm
Small Daisy Leafy Branch 68cm
Large Daisy Leafy Branch 68cm
Flocked Hop Leafy Branch 56cm
Flocked Fern Leafy Branch 63cm
Green Ficus Leafy Branch 50cm
Faux Flocked Willow Spray Dusky Green
Faux Willow Spray Dusky Green & Pink
Faux Pale Green Nobel Leaf Stem
Faux Natural Green Slim Leaf Spray
Faux Natural Green Eucalyptus Spray
Faux Dusted Royal Fern Spray
Faux Eucalyptus Stem SprayFaux Eucalyptus Stem Spray
Viburnum Berry StemViburnum Berry Stem
Viburnum Berry Stem Sale price£13.00
Eucalyptus Leaf Stem
Eucalyptus Leaf Stem Sale price£5.00
Rosehip Berries Spray
Rosehip Berries Spray Sale price£7.00
Burgundy Eucalyptus Spray
Burgundy Eucalyptus Spray Sale price£3.00
Ivory Chloe Catmint Spray
Ivory Chloe Catmint Spray Sale price£5.00
Flocked Artichoke Spray Sale price£6.50
Earthy Decorative Stem
Earthy Decorative Stem Sale price£3.50
White Decorative Stems
White Decorative Stems Sale price£3.00
Light Green Eucalyptus Leafy Branches
Leafy Greenery Branches Stem
Eucalyptus Branches Stem
Eucalyptus Branches Stem Sale price£4.50
Pom Pom Spray
Pom Pom Spray Sale price£31.00
Green Areca Palm Leaf Sale price£4.75 Regular price£9.50
Dried Teasel Spray
Dried Teasel Spray Sale price£10.50
Green and Grey Eucalyptus Spray
Fern Maiden Hair Spray
Fern Maiden Hair Spray Sale price£14.50
Faux Lilac Heather Bundle
Faux Lilac Heather Bundle Sale price£4.50
Faux Cream Heather Bundle
Faux Cream Heather Bundle Sale price£4.50
Faux Purple Seeding Eucalyptus
Faux Brown Eucalyptus Spray
Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Spray
Green Flocked Gingko SprayGreen Flocked Gingko Spray
Snow On The Mountain SpraySnow On The Mountain Spray
Faux Evergreen Chaplet 40cmFaux Evergreen Chaplet 40cm
Faux Evergreen Chaplet 40cm Sale price£18.00
Dark Brown Dried Reed Spray
Dark Brown Dried Reed Spray Sale price£11.50
Brown Astilbe Stem
Brown Astilbe Stem Sale price£4.50
Olive Spray Branch 80cm Sale price£8.50
Green Hop Spray 70cm
Green Hop Spray 70cm Sale price£5.00
Faux Eucalyptus Nicholii Spray
Peach Cypress Spray
Peach Cypress Spray Sale price£8.50