There is something about flowers that just seem to put a smile on your face.  At Harrison Cropper, this is nothing we love more than when we look outside our Garstang Gift and interior shop and see our little Garstang town in full bloom. The shining sun and the array of colourful flowers seemingly casting an uplifting spell over our town. 

As your local Garstang Gift Shop we have noticed that with summer in the air, our clients are obsessing over anything floral, from artificial flowers to our stunning cushions, florals are understandably the must have accessory of the season.  

Who doesn’t love receiving a bouquet of stunning fresh flowers, and proudly displaying them in our windows for all to see? Their sweet aroma filling the room bringing a smile to your face every time you see them.  Sadly, as beautiful as they are, fresh flowers do not last long and quickly lose their appeal.  However by choosing to style your home with artificial flowers you can create a fresh summer feel to our home all year round.  

Mixing our pink ranunclus stems, with our purple sweetpeas and pink baby’s breath gypsophillia spray, styled in our aged stone rustic vases to add a chic look to the home and leave your neighbours envious all year round. Not only do artificial flowers make stunning year round décor, but are also a unique everlasting gift. 

As Garstang Gift and interior specialists we’ll let you into a trade secret, spray your artificial flowers with your favourite floral scent to allude to a more realistic flowers, and allow the sweet scent to fill your home.

For those of you that aren’t fans of artificial flowers but still love floral, then you can still add floral into your home.

Brighten up your front room with our Nancy Rose Floral cushions and matching lampshades.  Or add a little floral to your bedroom with our stunning Hedgerow Floral Country Print bedding occupied by our bee voyage scatter cushions to create a calm relaxing gateway.  Better still gift one of our floral organisers to someone you care about to brighten their day, and show them you care.

For more gift idea and interior inspiration the why not pop into our Garstang Gift shop and have a chat with the team.  Open Monday to Saturday 10-4, we’re more than happy to assist with your gift needs. 

Don’t forget we love seeing how you have chosen to style our interior, so tags us in your Instagram and Facebook pictures.

June 25, 2020 by Lisa Crane