Ginger Jars

We all know that situation where we've been clamouring for that last-minute gift. I bet you've looked online and round every shop for your mum's new favourite perfume, but alas to no avail. Bet you've never thought of a Ginger Jar as a gift, have you? 

Well, perhaps you should have done.

Ginger Jars are very popular home accessories for a multitude of reasons. They’re beautiful, intricately designed and extremely versatile, making them a wonderful addition to any home and are of course the perfect (last minute) gift.

They have an interesting history. They were originally used for a more practical purpose; as a vessel for storing and transporting a variety of spices in Ancient China. The most common spice transported to the West was ginger, hence the name ‘Ginger Jar’.

In recent years, the jars have been used for a more decorative purpose, being displayed in homes around the world. Original, antique Ginger Jars come at a hefty price and are difficult to acquire, however you can now find beautiful high-street alternatives that are much easier to get hold of, such as our range of Ginger Jars at our gift shop Garstang or online.


How to Style a Ginger Jar

Ginger Jars look stunning when displayed individually. They’re often interesting and intricate enough to make a statement all on their own, like this Small White Patterned Ginger Jar. If you pop into our interiors shop Garstang you will see how beautiful this one looks in the window.

Small White Patterned Ginger Jar

Another way to display your Ginger Jar is to fill it with a bouquet of your favourite flowers whether real or faux, placing the lid next to the jar. This Windswept Blue and White Ginger Jar looks stunning with a bunch of faux Hydrangeas arranged in it.

Windswept White and Blue Ginger Jar

Co-ordinate your Ginger Jar with other home accessories such as decorative trays, vases and other ceramics to add a slightly different touch, like this Large White Ginger Jar.

Large White Ginger Jar

It’s easy to develop an addiction to collecting Ginger Jars. Once you start acquiring more Ginger Jars and your collection grows, they look marvelous grouped together into clusters around your home. This looks wonderful as a centrepiece on a large table, or on a console or side table. The possibilities are pretty much endless!


Take a look at some of the other Ginger Jars we have in stock at Harrison Cropper you local gift shop Garstang.

Large White Patterned Ginger Jar - £95

Large White Patterned Ginger Jar

Thanks to it’s sheer size, this Large White Patterned Ginger Jar would look amazing placed standing on the floor in a hallway, living room or bedroom.


Windswept Squat White Blue Ginger Jar - £105

Windswept Squat White Blue Ginger Jar

This Windswept Squat White Blue Ginger Jar is a little shorter thanks to its squat shape. This Ginger Jar would work well when grouped with the Windswept Blue and White Ginger Jar.


Blue Lidded Ginger Jar - £53

 Blue Lidded Ginger Jar

This unusual shaped Ginger Jar features a gorgeous intricate pattern making it a stunning feature of any home.

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June 25, 2019 by Shirley Crane