Hedgehogs are one of our favourite British mammals, they have such gorgeous faces and beautiful spines that we will miss dearly as they begin to hibernate. It’s around October / November time each year that Hedgehogs get ready to slumber through the winter, hibernating until the warmer months of March / April. If you’re like us, you’ll eagerly await the return of these delightful animals next Spring, but in the meantime, why not decorate your home with these charming Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculptures that you can admire daily.

Our Hedgehog Frith Sculptures were originally designed by freelance sculptor Thomas Meadows in his Wiltshire studio. His original clay sculptures were then recreated by Frith in their signature bronze finish in their studio in Exmoor. All Frith Sculptures are handmade to the highest quality with durable materials, meaning they can be displayed indoors or outside, providing the weather isn’t too extreme. Here are a few of our favourite Hedgehog Frith Sculptures.

Prickly Hoglet Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture - £23

Prickly Hoglet Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture

This is the smallest hog in our collection measuring 5x8cm, a gorgeous baby hedgehog that would make a wonderful gift.


Squeak Junior Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture - £30

Squeak Junior Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture

This adorable Squeak Junior sculpture is 5x9cm in size and will look utterly adorable on a mantel or bookshelf


 Zippo Baby Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture - £32.00

Zippo Baby Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture

We love this sculpture, perfectly capturing a baby hedgehog curled up sleeping. You might even think it’s a real hedgehog at first! This adorable little one is 5x9cm in size.


Spike Resting Hedgehog Frith Bronze Sculpture - £50


Finally we have the biggest hog in our collection, measuring 7x12x9cm. Once again this gorgeous hedgehog is in the sleeping position making it so sweet and lovable.


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October 01, 2019 by Shirley Crane