Hydrangeas are some of the most popular flowers displayed in country homes around the world. They are stunning in appearance, with their dense pom-pom heads formed that come lots of different colours. Our faux hydrangeas mimic the look of a real ones, giving you a realistic appearance that’s easy to care for and maintain. In this guide we’ll give you our top tips on styling these artificial hydrangeas.

Creating an Arrangement

The beauty of these flower heads is their versatility. Display them on their own and you’ll get a fresh, full arrangement that’s round and refined in shape. This arrangement has been styled with the White ‘Real Feel’ Hydrangea with leafy stems. Can you see how this creates quite a solid, fluffy shape? This looks fantastic when placed at the centre of your dining table.

 White Real Feel Hydrangea

The stems on our artificial hydrangeas are bendable, allowing you to put them in a shorter vase if you wish. Here our Autumn White Hydrangea look gorgeous in a shorter glass vase, perfect for decorating your bookshelves.

 Autumn White Hydrangea

If you want more of an artisan appearance, we recommend adding an assortment of British flowers into your arrangement to create a wild, textured look. This is our favourite way of styling hydrangeas as it gives that rustic, country feel like you’ve been out picking flowers on a walk in the countryside. Here we’ve used those same White ‘Real Feel’ Hydrangea from the first look, but we’ve added an assortment of Eucalyptus and Queen Anne Lace. This breaks up the hydrangeas and gives an interesting, unrefined style.

 Artisan Hydrangea Arrangement

Feel free to experiment with different colours and using different jugs and vases, there are an array of possibilities that’ll be sure to suit your home and personal style. For more artificial hydrangeas, faux flowers and vases please visit our https://www.harrisoncropper.com/. If you’re local, pop into our Garstang homeware shop to view our in-store range. Find us at Harrison Cropper, 8 High Street, Garstang, PR3 1FA.

October 07, 2019 by Lisa Crane