The saying goes “whenever Robins appear loved ones are near”. For those of who that have lost a loved one this is a very comforting thought, that whenever you see a little robin bobbing round in your garden it’s someone you love coming to say hello and to check in on you, keeping a watchful eye over you.  There is something so majestic about Robins, how whenever they appear they always bring a smile to your face, and how they always seem so cheerful as they chirp away in the trees.  For us there is nothing more relaxing that when we take our pups for a walk around our beautiful Garstang town, wrapped up warm, hot drink in hand while listing to the Robins sing away, fluttering from tree branch to branch.

It’s become increasingly apparent to us, as a Garstang Gift Shop, that it is not only us who are fans of the robin, as our range of robin gifts is flying of the shelves (pun fully intended). Our Robin print interior such our stunning Ralph cushion and simple Robin print cushion and matching lampshade are vastly becoming  fan favourites amongst our nature loving clients.

Robin Linen Print Lampshade

Not only are Robins widely believed to be a lost loved coming to say hello, but may believe that Robins symbolise new beginnings and are often seen as symbol of good luck and good fortunes, making robin prints a versatile gift idea.  The gift of our robin print canvas may serve as a comforting reminder for a friend or family member missing someone they have lost, that their loved one will always have a place in their heart, whilst the gift of one of our stunning robin print soft furnishing is stunning and unique way to wish friends good luck and fortune in their new home.  For the friends starting a new role in life our robin travel mug will serve a good luck charm for wherever their new role takes them.

'Garden Friend' Robin Travel Mug

At Harrison Cropper Gift and Interiors Shop, we love nature and whilst the humble red breasted robin may not be your cup of tea, we promise that our Garstang store offers a wide range of unique and breath taking interior and gifts featuring a various animals that will not only look stunning in your home, but will always promise to bring a smile to your face. 

Why not pop in our Garstang Gift Shop have a look for yourself.  We’ll see you soon.

June 25, 2020 by Lisa Crane