Voyage Maison Wilderness Topaz Curtains

As Garstang made to measure curtain and blinds supplier, the team at Harrison Cropper are experts at creating the right curtains for your home. We’re aware that a lot of thought goes into picking the right curtains for your home, including numerous factors to consider such as:-

  • The style of curtain
  • The heading (pencil pleat, eyelets)
  • The length
  • The thickness and fabric
  • The correct measurements
  • Whether curtains are suitable for the area you want them
  • The function of the curtains
  • And lastly whether you want blackout or dimout curtains.

You’re probably familiar with the term “blackout curtains”, however, the term dimout curtains may be a new concept to you, so what exactly is the difference between the two?

Firstly, blackout curtains are used to block out 100% of the light from the outside. They’re perfect for Summer, blocking out the late night rays. This blackout effect is achieved by adding 1 or more coats or linings to your curtains which will help to block out the any unwanted light source.

Dimout curtains, however, do not fully block out the light. Instead, they offer a reduced lighting effect. While you won’t get a full blackout, the outside light in the room will be significantly reduced. Dimout curtains work well in children’s bedrooms as they block enough light for a good night’s sleep, however it won’t be pitch black. This is ideal for children that may fear the dark.

While dimout curtains can be cheaper in price, it’s advisable to invest in your curtains.  Making sure your curtains function and work exactly how you want them to.

As experts in creating curtains and roman blinds, the team at Harrison Cropper can help you with your dream curtain. If you’re local, pop into our Garstang soft furnishings shop to browse our fabric books. Alternatively, many of the fabrics featured on the soft furnishings listed on our website can be used to create your perfect curtains.

October 15, 2020 by Lisa Crane