We love the sun and the joy it brings as much as the next person; however we must admit there’s something comforting about the sound of rain against your window. Every now and then we need a fresh downpour of rain, it keeps Garstang in fresh bloom with stunning summer flowers. We love the way the rain drops into the river, and how the ducklings all huddle together for warmth. Plus, who doesn’t love putting on their wellies and jumping in a few puddles. The team at Harrison Cropper gifts and interiors we love watching the rain from our Garstang Gift store. If only we could get a rain scented candle!

There’s something cosy and relaxing about rainy days, you don’t have to feel guilty about staying indoors. They give us the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa, wrapped up with a pot of hot tea and a good film - let’s not forget about the chocolate and cakes.

To live your cosy day in to the fullest, we recommend a few essentials that can be found in our Garstang Gift shop or on our website.

Harrison Cropper offers a range of stunning, throws to keep you warm and toasty. From our black and white pattern throw to our luxurious wool throws such as the Bronte by Moon Melbourne Throw in Gold. Our throws offer comfort, style and snuggle factor, you won’t want to leave the sofa!

Bronte by Moon Melbourne Throw in Gold

A lazy day calls for plenty of hot tea. Instead of getting up every 5 minutes to pop the kettle on, we recommend brewing up with our Mosney Mill flower and bee teapot and matching cup. Now you really have no reason to leave the sofa.

Bee and Flower Teapot, Cup and Saucer Set

Next, it’s all about the finishing touches. What better way to complete your cosy day in than with the comforting glow of a flickering candle. At Harrison Cropper, we offer a wide range of stunning candle holders, tea light holders and scented candles. We love the East of India Tea Light House No 87 for a super cosy feeling, the light flickers through the windows beautifully.

East Of India Tea Light House No 87

Once the lazy day is over, store your cosy throws in our grey dipped seagrass storage basket ready for the next lazy day. This adds a practical yet decorative element to your room that keeps everything nice and tidied away.

Grey Dipped Seagrass Storage Basket

For those colder summer days, we suggest you put your fluffy socks on, get the kettle on and relax… after all you deserve it.

To view our full range, visit our website or pop into our Garstang Gifts and Homeware shop where a member of our team will be happy to help you find the perfect items for your cosy day in.

July 14, 2020 by Lisa Crane