As a leading supplier of made to measure curtains in Garstang and surrounding areas, we’re often asked by our clients how long their curtains should be.

As our curtains are custom-made, they can be made to various lengths. This is great for getting the measurements exact but deciding which length to go with can be confusing. At Harrison Cropper, we advise going with the option that feels best suited to your room.

Floor length curtains

Floor length curtains are the best option for bay windows, or windows without obstructions below. Made to measure floor length curtains prevent heat from escaping in the winter months, while also blocking unwanted light. Floor length curtains elongate the wall, adding the illusion of height to your space

We do not recommend floor length curtains if you have a radiator below your window. When the curtains are closed, a floor length curtain would trap the heat from the radiator behind it, preventing it from heating up the room. Instead, we suggest opting for short curtains that fall flush to the window sill or sit on top of your radiator, thus ensuring that you benefit from the radiator when the curtains are closed.

If you have uneven floors, perhaps try curtains that gather on the floor thanks to a few added inches. This creates a romantic feel to the room, reminiscent of earlier eras. While this length offers maximum control over heat and light, it can be overpowering in smaller rooms.

Gathered bottom curtains

Take into consideration how longer curtains that puddle at the floor require more maintenance, especially for those that own pets. For this style, we recommend adding no more than 3 additional inches to the length to ensure the room isn’t overpowered by the curtains.

Once you have your desired measurements for your custom curtains, pop into our Garstang shop where our team can assist you in choosing your dream fabric. A word of warning though, you may be tempted to browse through our matching décor for a complete room makeover.
September 17, 2020 by Lisa Crane