The most used placed in the home, but often then most neglected. Our hallways are the first thing we and visitors to our homes they set the tone for the rest of the house and yet we often found we neglect them the most, normally a lick of paint and a coat rack is all that can be found in the hallway.

However at Harrison Cropper, as Interior specialists we know that a little can go a long way when it’s come to home furnishing, and minimalistic approach alludes to a clean fresh and welcoming space.

We are big fans of using faux flowers to add a pop of colour and nature to an empty space.  At Harrison Cropper we offer a range of stunning faux flowers that are guaranteed to bring smile to your face each time you pass them.  Mixing our pink baby breath gypsophillia spray with our pale pink hydrangeas offer a simple yet sleek look to your home.  Placing them in one of our stunning rustic vases will add luxury to this simple look.  Bring the outside in all year round.

Adding a simple mirror close to a natural light source is an easy way to lighten up and other dull hallway, by placing a mirror opposite a window we are allowing the light to reflect back into to the home and trick the eye in thinking the space is much bigger. 

Dress your wall with our beautiful printed wall canvas and framed art.  Our stunning collection of woodland and animal theme prints and wall art add a cosy homely feel to the home.  Whilst our range of wall art is simple and delicate, the colour pallet promises not to overpower the space.

A unique sculpture can add a quirky look to the home. At Harrison Cropper we are all about making your home feel expensive and luxuries at an inexpensive price, and our wooden Chester and Bertie Dog sculpture are an easy wall to do so.   Style on a chic side board on their own, or place them along one of small ceramics or beautiful bronze sculptures.

With the perfect piece for every home our Garstang Shop is vastly becoming a fan favourite all of our beautiful pieces can be found on our online store.  If you are stuck on ways to style a piece then visit our style boards for some inspiration.  

June 18, 2020 by Lisa Crane