At Harrison Cropper we are passionate about making your home stylish and cosy, otherwise we’d be in the wrong business, and whilst ordering new stock and putting together style boards for the home this has got thinking how much interior design has changed over the years.

For example the roaring 20s saw homeowner and tenants alike wanting our homes to oose class and glamour.  The 20s were all about expensive looking décor and glitz and glam.  As the economy grew we felt the need to fill our homes with large mirrors chic furniture and luxury furnishings.  Cocktail stands and home bars became a must have in the home.

Toning it down during the great depression in the 30s our show off furnishing were replaced with cheaper material.  The 1940s saw homeowners recycling old furniture and material to add a vibrant look to the home bold curtains and clashing material became a staple in the home.

During the 1950 the face of interior design took on a more feminine look.  Taking inspiration from America, bubble gum pink walls, polka dock accessories because a fan favourite.   We began to experiment with bolder colour pallets and looks.  The 60s saw a big change for the style conscious, the hippy movement lead to us becoming more creative with how we styled our homes.   Nick-Knacks filled the home and bold psychedelic print became a must have in the home.

The 70s brought the outside in with shaggy carpets, bright sunset colours and lots of greenery filled the home.  The 70s was all about fun when I came to décor.

 The explosion of pop-culture of the 1980s inspired us to make bold choices and fill the home with unique art.  Metallic print and texture took pride of place is the fashion conscious home.

During the 1990s we saw the average home take on more laid back relaxed feel, Ikea flat pack furniture snuck into almost every home.  The grunge era show us wanting to show off our music collection and our Ikea shelving racks were lined with CDs creating a focus point for home parties.

The early 2000s were all about taking a step back in time and upcycling vintage pieces with a modern twist creating a welcoming cosy feel within our homes.  With at home crafting become more popular homeowners had the chance to get creative with our décor.

2020 has seen us crave a more minimalist look in which we let our home accessorise do the talking, whilst the walls have kept a clean white look out choice of décor has remained luxurious and eye catching.  

Although the face of the modern home is over changing you can rest assured that the team at Harrison Cropper will make every effect to provide you with beautiful stylish home décor and gifts that can be adapted to fit your changing taste.

Whilst our Garstang shop may not have been here for too long, we are hoping to stay around and our team are dictated to helping you create your own serenity at home.

June 18, 2020 by Lisa Crane