At Harrison Cropper it is not only interior we are passionate about, we have a big love for animals, and to us our furry friends are more than just pets, but family.  We are firm believers that family should be spoilt, especially the cute furry kind.

Not only do we offer our clients chic, stylish home décor and interior and after teaming up with Lounging Lily, we are able to offer your pets the same level of luxury living.

Lounging Lily’s rage of stunning handmade dog beds offer both style and comfort for our pets.  Offered in a variation of styles and sizes, there is a bed to meet the needs of our stylish pets.  Lounging Lily’s doughnut beds offer a safe cosy space for our smaller fury pals, whilst our larger pillow beds our space for larger dogs (or space hogging dogs) the chance to sprawl out and rest after a hard day of barking at the postman and chasing their tails and just causing general mischief.

For the style conscious owner you’ll be pleased to know that the material used to design the dog beds, have also been used to design other home accessories we have to offer, you will find that our Stag Heads doughnuts bed matches perfectly to our stag head charcoal curtains and pillows.  Allowing your home to remain stylish throughout.

Our team at Harrison Cropper work hard to provide our loyal customers with stylish and luxury items for the home if you wish to stay ahead of the rest then sign up for our newsletter to receive our latest offers.  

June 18, 2020 by Lisa Crane