Double Layer White Rustic Twig Wicker Heart

Double Layer White Rustic Twig Wicker Heart - £65.99

Over on our Instagram feed its competition time and our fabulous followers are going crazy for this week prize which is our white rustic twig wall heart. Since we got our wicker wall heart collection in the shop, we have had so many compliments we though with not share the love and give you all a chance to win one. One on the entry requirements is to tell us where you would hang it in your home and we are loving your styling ideas.

Lots of you are hoping to add a touch of love to your landings if you win and I think wall hearts are the perfect addition to add a simple but statement piece to blank walls on stairs and landings.

Then we have other people going to hang their winning wall heart in their bedroom and I see lots of these above people beds on Instagram especially blogger and an influencer so above your bed in your bedroom seems a popular place.

Another very popular place is the hallway with lot of you saying a wicker heart would be the perfect addition to your hallway and everyone that came around would see it. I think this would be sure to get a lot of compliments from all your guests.

I’ve seen a few of you are saying your new home and what a fantastic house warming gift this would be a brand-new twig wall heart for a brand-new home. Other people are saying they would like it for their living room above the sofa or above he fireplace, a few of you think it would add rustic charm to your kitchens and I’ve even seen people wanting to hang it above their desk in their study.

Where ever a wicker heart wall décor would suit in your house make sure your check out our competition on Instagram to e in with a chance of winning our White Rustic Twig Heart.

Good Luck Everyone x

September 12, 2019 by Shirley Crane