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Patterned Curtains

Patterned Curtains

Put your own twist on your home with these beautifully designed made to measure curtains. These patterned curtain styles offer a unique flavour to your room and once you’ve picked from a wide range of fabrics, our skilled workroom team will do the rest. We've got thousands of options to suit your individual style, ensuring your space looks just the way you want it - elegant, unique, and tailored to perfection.


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Tatton Autumn Curtains
Tatton Autumn Curtains Sale price£78.00
Opus Linen Curtains
Opus Linen Curtains Sale priceFrom £80.58
Azima Grenadine Velvet Curtains
Feather Duck Egg Curtains
Feather Duck Egg Curtains Sale price£78.00
Botany Charcoal/Chartreuse Curtains
Seneca Forest Spring Curtains
Ebba Agate Curtains
Ebba Agate Curtains Sale price£80.00
Monkey Teal Curtains
Monkey Teal Curtains Sale price£78.00
Mitton Natural Curtains
Mitton Natural Curtains Sale price£80.00
Solare Mineral Curtains
Solare Mineral Curtains Sale price£80.00
Feather Natural Curtains
Feather Natural Curtains Sale price£78.00
Feather Ivory Curtains
Feather Ivory Curtains Sale price£78.00
Feather Coffee Curtains
Feather Coffee Curtains Sale price£78.00
Feather Dove Curtains
Feather Dove Curtains Sale price£78.00
Francis Denim/Midnight Curtains
Francis Blush/Raspberry Curtains
Francis Antique/Charcoal Curtains
Ada Teal Curtains
Ada Teal Curtains Sale price£80.00
Ada Midnight Curtains
Ada Midnight Curtains Sale price£80.00
Ada Linen Curtains
Ada Linen Curtains Sale price£80.00
Ada Denim Curtains
Ada Denim Curtains Sale price£80.00
Ada Charcoal Curtains
Ada Charcoal Curtains Sale price£80.00
Ada Antique Curtains
Ada Antique Curtains Sale price£80.00
Leyburn Spice Curtains
Leyburn Spice Curtains Sale price£78.00
Leyburn Natural Curtains
Leyburn Natural Curtains Sale price£78.00
Leyburn Duck Egg Curtains
Leyburn Duck Egg Curtains Sale price£78.00
Leyburn Denim Curtains
Leyburn Denim Curtains Sale price£78.00
Leyburn Citrus Curtains
Leyburn Citrus Curtains Sale price£78.00
Leyburn Charcoal Curtains
Leyburn Charcoal Curtains Sale price£78.00
Harewood Orchid Curtains
Harewood Orchid Curtains Sale price£80.00
Harewood Linen Curtains
Harewood Linen Curtains Sale price£80.00
Harewood Duck Egg Curtains
Harewood Duck Egg Curtains Sale price£80.00
Harewood Charcoal Curtains
Harewood Charcoal Curtains Sale price£80.00
Harewood Chambray Curtains
Harewood Chambray Curtains Sale price£80.00
Harewood Acacia Curtains
Harewood Acacia Curtains Sale price£80.00
Waldorf Silver Curtains
Waldorf Silver Curtains Sale price£81.00
Waldorf Mocha Curtains
Waldorf Mocha Curtains Sale priceFrom £81.00
Waldorf Linen Curtains
Waldorf Linen Curtains Sale price£81.00
Waldorf Ivory Curtains
Waldorf Ivory Curtains Sale price£81.00
Waldorf Champagne Curtains
Waldorf Champagne Curtains Sale priceFrom £81.00
Pastiche Mocha Curtains
Pastiche Mocha Curtains Sale price£80.00
Pastiche Mist Curtains
Pastiche Mist Curtains Sale price£80.00
Pastiche Heather Curtains
Pastiche Heather Curtains Sale price£80.00
Pastiche Duck Egg Curtains
Pastiche Duck Egg Curtains Sale price£80.00
Pastiche Chartreuse Curtains
Persia Teal/Spice Curtains
Persia Teal/Spice Curtains Sale price£79.00
Persia Multi Curtains
Persia Multi Curtains Sale price£79.00
Persia Mineral Curtains
Persia Mineral Curtains Sale price£79.00