Is it just me or does every home have its own unique fragrance? You could tell exactly where you were even with your eyes shut just by stepping through the door. Whether it’s the smell of fresh cotton, sweet florals or a warm spicy scent, we love how inviting the home can feel by introducing a stunning fragrance.

Thanks to cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, wowing us with tips and tricks for creating an inviting home, we’ve become a nation obsessed with keeping our home immaculate and show worthy.  At Harrison Cropper Gifts and Interiors, we love helping our customers to create a calming, welcoming atmosphere in their home. For this, we choose to stock such a large volume of reed diffusers by beloved brands such as Ashleigh and Burwood and Heyland and Whittle and Stoneglow.  

Lavender Fields Reed Diffuser - Stoneglow

Stoneglow Lavender Fields Reed Diffuser

Home fragrances are the final piece to the puzzle when creating a sanctuary. At Harrison Cropper, we guarantee to have the perfect reed diffuser for you whether you prefer floral fragrances such as freshly picked tuberose, hints of rose or touches of magnolia. Or pehaps the sweet, juicy, rich and succulent scents of fruity fragrances. For those of you drawn to woody fragrances and spicy notes you will love our best-selling Moroccan Spice.

The Scented Home Reed Diffuser - Tea Rose

The Scented Home Tea Rose Reed Diffuser

The long lasting calming scents linger in your room, leaving guests questioning how your home smells so beautiful, surely you must spend hours upon hours cleaning? 

At Harrison Cropper, we love switching our home up with each passing season, filling the home with fresh florals and fruity scents in the summer, moving to spicy scents in the autumn and winter months. This is why we love reed diffusers so much, they can be swapped around as often as you like, each time creating a new feel to the home.

Greentea Grapefruit Diffuser - Heyland & Whittle

Heyland and Whittle Greentea Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

These past few months have seen our online stock of reed diffusers fly out, so it want any you’ll have to act quick! Or better yet pop into our Garstang shop and take a look at our selection. We look forward to seeing you.

July 16, 2020 by Lisa Crane